Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, restlessly trying on different musical styles like a piece of clothing, looking to find what fits. But there are others that emerge fully formed, in full command of their craft, their identity and their music.

Anastasia Luna fits firmly in the latter category. Her music is the arrival of a gifted and significant new talent, one whose music feels familiar in the best possible way, while striking out on its own territory. A fan of such diverse artists as James Brown, Pink Floyd, Etta James, Jamiroquai, Queen and Common. The result is a lush harmony that intimately intertwines rhythm and melody.

Although she’s been ridiculed about her sexual orientation. She explains, “There is too much lying in the industry right now, everybody spreads rumors about themselves, trying to interest the audience in their fake bisexuality as opposed to their music. What I'm trying to do is be myself.” As a person Luna is a force of nature. When she walks into a room, all eyes turn and everyone quiets. Her charisma and glamor are unmatched by any other.

A Russian native, growing up in Obninsk, just outside out Moscow. Luna played the piano as a child and attended music school for many years. But she didn’t take her musical talents seriously until she was a teenager. She says, “I started writing songs in my head, and it took my interest in music to another level. It broadened my horizon immediately.” Still very young but also very ambitious, she was ultimately looking for something more. With the support of her mother a prominent Theater Director in Moscow and her father a classically trained musician. She flew across the Atlantic at the fragile age of 17 to pursue her dreams and landed in New York.

Luna set about working with producers to help hone her sound, the most famous of which is Tony Lewis. Surrounding herself with positive influences she was able to condition her voice and sound to become the talent she is now. She has constructed the perfect sound for her audience. She explains, “Many people think that breakdancing is dead, it was big in the 80’s but nobody does it anymore. I believe with the right exposure it can be as big as it once was.”

Her first video “Heart jump” has gotten rave reviews from the public and the LGBT community, and there is much anticipation of her second single. She explains “My fans keep my on my toes, they keep me going, their my encouragement when others want to see me fail.” Luna has since began her life long journey that encompasses rap, hip-hop, break beats and more. Without question, it’s a diverse mix of styles and colors, almost upbeat and forward thinking with the unwavering sense of determination at its core.